Memento Mori Art

Featured artists who create memento mori art

A list of featured Memento Mori artists who create beautiful and contemplative works depicting the inevitability of death. If you are an artist, writer, or filmmaker who creates 'Memento Mori' works, or you work in the death industry, a death professional or an academic who studies the cultural significance of death, we want to hear from you.

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Sasha Chaitow, Artist

"Immortality comes from what we leave behind - the lives we touch and the art we create. Remembering that can put things in perspective." - Chaitow

Memento Mori Art

A list of artists who have created beautiful works depicting the inevitability of death.

Karen Nemes, Artist

"I have developed an acute awareness of the impermanence of life, of time, of personal roles -- and this has been quite liberating." - Nemes