About Kiarra's Finds

Kiarra’s Finds of Healthy Sweets and Treats comprises the Ghoulish Grubs section of Circus Living.

Kiarra's Vision

"To help build a world where maintaining a healthy all-natural diet is the norm and not the exception.”

Kiarra wants to help empower people with dietary restrictions (like her!) and those who struggle with maintaining healthy all-natural diets by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to enjoy delicious snacks and treats without sacrificing their health.

Kiarra’s Mission

Kiarra strives to provide people with dietary restrictions and those wanting to eat all-natural foods with resources and information involving healthy treat/dessert recipes, reviews of healthy treats and snack products available for purchase, and an ongoing list of restaurants and bakeries offering healthy food and snacks.

About Kiarra

Kiarra is the fire and passion of Circus Living. Her intolerance to wheat, gluten, and artificial preservatives have lead to severe digestive issues for her in the past. Ignorant to these intolerances, it took Randy (her dad) and I approximately four years before we caught on to the fact Kiarra had to avoid certain foods in order to stay healthy and happy. Having food intolerances has not always made it easy for Kiarra. Faced with the multiple snack and treat temptations everywhere, both she and I had to learn to make recipes, as well as seek out ready-made food products available, that Kiarra would be able to not only consume but also enjoy. Kiarra who is now 10 years old is ready to share her knowledge with the world.