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We are a family of five composed of three morbid young children. Our kids have been exposed to the "unexplained" since birth. As a result, they regard the mysterious, the strange, and the bizarre with awe, wonder, and curiosity as opposed to the common fears brought on by them. Art, travel, and technology form significant aspects of our daily lives

Travel Trade - Work with A Hooligan's Odyssey

For travel industry professionals and travel brands looking to partner or affiliate with Circus Living, the travel section of our site - A Hooligan's Odyssey - covers all of Circus Living's travel-related posts. Travel topics we focus on include covering attractions and places to visit around our home city of Montreal, things to do in the province of Quebec, as well as travelling with an emphasis on unique family-friendly (and yes, that includes "spooky" or "bizarre") locations.

Circus Living is a member of TBIN (Travel Bloggers Influencer Network). When you partner with Circus Living on campaigns and assignments, your message is not only shared with our own combined organic following of 10K+ but exponentially with the sharing of your content through the social media of our influencer colleagues.

Contemporary Artists - Call for Artists App

Circus Living is working on a 'Call For Artists' listing and eventually, an app that will update artists on relevant upcoming call for entries or call for submissions. Several artists are currently involved with the app's development through providing their valued input and (soon) acting as beta-testers for the app. If you are an artist who is interested in assisting with this project, we invite you to Join our Circus.

Macabre Arts & Brands - Work with Circus Living

If you are an artist, artisan, brand or distributor looking to partner or affiliate with Circus Living, please check out our overriding vision and mission statements to ensure that your work or brand is aligned with our site’s objectives.

If you find your work or brand does align with our goals, we have a few other set requirements which may not be evident from our mission and vision statements. Though we attest on challenging preconceived notions when it comes to macabre works and defining what is “family-friendly”, we will not affiliate, partner, endorse, or review anything that promotes or glamorizes sexual violence, monsters of the “human” kind (ie. the serial killer variety), or discrimination against any sex, race, or creed unless it is designed to encourage informed discourse.

Some example of topics we are open to covering include haunted travel tours, haunted travel sites, research and various media forms relating to cryptids, macabre artists/artisans and their works, art galleries that exhibit macabre artwork, monster or macabre-themed festivals, legendary and mythic monsters of folklore, gothic literature and graphic novels, horror-themed game boards and educational toys.

Certainly, we are always open to suggestions so we urge you to contact us with your proposal. We are always excited to hear about new macabre works and are more than willing to help spread the word.