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Revolution Gallery: What to expect as an artist and art collector

Time and time again, Circus Living has featured artists whose works exhibit macabre or morbid characteristics but what about the art galleries who work hard to promote these artists? What about the gallery owners and representatives who place a lot of effort into planning exhibitions, staging these artists' artworks, and ensuring their works are seen by interested art collectors?

I thought it was about time the art galleries who promote the artists who fit this type of niche - macabre and morbid art - are also featured. For Circus Living's 5th art gallery feature, Craig LaRotonda and Maria Pabico LaRotonda of Revolution Gallery located in Buffalo, New York is featured.

Most of the dark art that we have created or exhibited from other artists shows beauty as well as the grotesque; visual contradictions that are contrary, yet compelling compositions of the human condition.
For art collectors interested in Revolution Gallery located in Buffalo, New York, Craig and Maria provide a glimpse of what to expect when you visit the gallery.

For travellers in Buffalo, New York catching one of Revolution Gallery's exhibits looking for other attractions to visit, Craig and Maria suggest several unique places and events.

For artists looking to exhibit their macabre artworks at Revolution Gallery, Call for Artists info is also provided in this page to help you get started.

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What are your full names and what are your roles at Revolution Gallery?

Craig LaRotonda, co-owner and gallery directory, and Maria Pabico LaRotonda, co-owner and curator.

How did Revolution Gallery come to be? What inspired its development?

Both of us are fine artists (as well as a commercial Illustrator – Craig; and a graphic / web designer / college art educator - Maria), and we had been discussing for the past year or two about opening a gallery in Buffalo, NY (where we live), because there aren't any galleries that showcase Pop Surrealist artwork. Craig has exhibited nationally and internationally over the past twenty years, and wanted to bring art and artists from the Pop Surrealist genre to our city.

What kind of shows does your art gallery exhibit? Based on your experience dealing with artists and art collectors, in your opinion, why do you think there is a fascination for the dark arts?

Group shows and solo shows of local, national, and international figurative artists. We focus in Pop Surrealism and "Dark Arts."

Most of the dark art that we have created or exhibited from other artists shows beauty as well as the grotesque; visual contradictions that are contrary, yet compelling compositions of the human condition. There is a fascination with this because we are not showing "horror" art, but "dark art."

What can artists come to expect should they choose to show their works at your gallery? What can art collectors expect?

Artists can expect to be in the company of high level art from contemporary world renowned artists.

Collectors may expect to see art that has never been shown in Buffalo, NY, as well as a collection of art by artists who may never have exhibited together.

Are there any must-go-to locations, attractions, or events for travellers interested in the spooky or the unconventional around your area?

Forest Lawn Cemetery has many famous creative types buried there, the Richardson Complex which is a former psychiatric center, The Central Terminal, the Iron Island Museum...and of course Niagara Falls; not only for the attraction of this Wonder of the World, but also for their haunted tours.

Does your gallery accept new artist works? Are there specific events whereby you require submissions? How can we stay updated on your gallery’s call for entries?

Are you referring to "emerging" artists, or artists we have never worked with before, or new works by "established" artists? I suppose yes to all three, as long as the work fits the criteria of the gallery, which is to show fugitive work. There is an artist submission page on our website that artists who are interested in showing at our gallery may contact us, and we then review the work. To date, we have not had a specific event whereby we required submissions. However, we have exhibited a few artists who did submit to our artist submission page.

We haven't sent out "call for entries" as of yet - we are a newer gallery about to celebrate our one year anniversary. If we do have a call for entry in the future, it would be on our website, and all our social media accounts.

Do you have any tips or advice for artists looking to have their artwork displayed in your gallery?

We ask that any artist interested in exhibiting with us to please head to our site and see the art from our past exhibits to have a better idea of the artwork that we exhibit at Revolution Gallery. We also would suggest that interested artists please follow the instructions on our artist submission page to make the process a better experience for both the artist and for us. : )

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