Explore Bas-Saint-Laurent: Unique, Quirky, & Magical Places

Bas-Saint-Laurent: Unique, Quirky, and Magical Experiences

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Bas-Saint-Laurent: 3 day itinerary

Who is this itinerary for?

An itinerary for the Bas-Saint-Laurent area for families and individuals interested in unique, quirky, or magical travel experiences.

This itinerary will also fit nature-lovers as well as art and history enthusiasts who have a deep appreciation for inspiring places. To be deemed “inspiring” for the purposes of this itinerary (and for all other itineraries suggested on Circus Living), travel locations and experiences must be unusual, inventive, or creative, involve breathtaking scenery or serene landscapes, or must convey a unique and fascinating history.

This itinerary was organized and sponsored by Le Quebec Maritime and has been tried, tested, and reviewed by the Circus Living crew.
Day 1: Admire the world’s most majestic creatures


What to do:

Whale Watching Cruise with Croiseres AML

Whale watching can be a humbling experience. It is a reminder to think outside of our day-to-day existence and realize that there exists outside of our own realities a much bigger world to consider.

A major feeding ground for marine mammals, the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park is dubbed as one of the best whale-watching sites in the world. From May to October, visitors can admire these majestic creatures on land or on one of Croisières AML's whale watching cruises.

Highlights of our trip:

Meeting the two humpback whales who appeared to perform in unison for the crowd!

How to prepare for your whale-watching experience:

For videos and photos taken of our trip to see the whales, and for tips on how to prepare for your whale-watching experience with Croisières AML, read Circus Living’s whale watching in Quebec post.

Day 1: Overnight at Hôtel Universel
Hôtel Universel in Rivière-du-Loup

Hôtel Universel (Rivière-du-Loup)


Hôtel Universel in Rivière-du-Loup is a family-friendly hotel offering several amenities such as an indoor pool with slide, sauna, health centre, outdoor Nordic spa, summer theatre, restaurants, bar, room service, laundry service, and garage parking for snowmobiles and motorcycles.

More info about Hotel Universel:

View photos taken during our overnight stay at Hôtel Universel.

Day 2: Observe harbour seals from the shore


What to do:

Seal-Watching at Bic National Park

Although our time spent at the park was limited, we basked in its beauty. It's almost as if spending time at the park had a lulling effect on the kids.

Located in the St. Lawrence Estuary, Parc national du Bic proudly showcases the capes, bays, coves, islands, and mountains which has made it a popular destination. In the summer and early fall, seal watching is one of the park’s major attractions.

Highlights of our trip:

Spotting some seals and at the same time taking in Bic National Park's magnificent scenery!

How to prepare for your seal-watching experience:

For videos and photos taken of our trip to see the seals, and for tips on how to prepare for your seal-watching experience at Parc National du Bic, read Circus Living’s Parc National du Bic - Seal Watching post.

Day 2: Overnight at Domaine Floravie's "Tiny House"
"Tiny House" at Domaine Floravie

Domaine Floravie

Domaine Floravie’s "tiny house" is a true testament to the vision that comfort and luxury can still be attained without destroying our earth’s natural resources.

Domaine Floravie offers “tiny house”-style mobile eco-cottages with stunning views of the St. Lawrence. Perfectly integrated into an enchanting site, their 7 non-smoking 20’ by 10’ cottages are mobile to minimize their environmental impact. Made completely out of wood, they offer comfort and cosiness.

How to prepare for a stay at Domaine Floravie's "tiny house":

For photos taken of our overnight stay at Domaine Floravie's "tiny house" and for tips and a review of our stay, read Circus Living’s Domaine Floravie's "Tiny House" post.

Day 3 (AM): Explore a giant playground of conceptual gardens


What to do:

Visit the conceptual gardens at Reford Gardens

Botany-enthusiasts, adults and children who have an appreciation for flowers, plant life, and lush gardens will no doubt enjoy visiting Reford Gardens. The International Garden Festival is an added bonus for those who also have an interest in contemporary art.

A national historic site of Canada, the Reford Gardens has been a cultural space and must-see destination for over 50 years. Starting in late June, the International Garden Festival presents innovative contemporary gardens designed by landscape architects, architects and artists from around the world. Conceptual gardens give visitors the opportunity to experience contemporary art and offer children a giant playground in which to explore fun and interactive installations.

Highlights of our trip:

Becoming part of the creative art installations which includes a trampoline you can jump on to your heart's content!

How to prepare for your trip to Redford Gardens:

For videos and photos taken of our trip to Reford Gardens, and for tips on how to prepare for your visit, read Circus Living’s Reford Gardens post.

Day 3 (PM): Board Canada's 1st Publicly Accessible Submarine


What to do:

Visit the Pointe-au-Pere Maritime Historic Site

Being able to board a historic submarine to catch a glimpse of what it must have been like to live in one for months at a time can be an eye-opening and thrilling experience for both adults and kids alike.

At the Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site, visitors can board Canada's first publicly accessible submarine - the Onondaga - and discover the daily lives of the 70 men who lived for months at a time in this 90-metre (300-foot) submarine.

Visitors are also given the opportunity to dive into the story of the Empress of Ireland through a four zone multisensory experience. The Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse, the second tallest lighthouse in Canada, is also located at the site and visitors can enjoy the panoramic view from the top.

Highlights of our trip:

Getting a glimpse of submarine life, journeying up 128 steps to the top of a lighthouse, and learning about the tragic story of the Empress.

How to prepare for your trip to the Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site:

For videos and photos taken of our trip to the Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site, and for tips on how to prepare for your visit, read Circus Living’s Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site post.

Day 3: Overnight at Motel Bienvenue
Motel Bienvenue Photo: Martin Hughes

Motel Bienvenue


Located near the Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site, just outside Rimouski, Motel Bienvenue is known for its quiet atmosphere, attentive service and warm welcome. The motel also offers views of spectacular sunsets.

More info about Motel Bienvenue:

View photos taken during our overnight stay at Hotel Bienvenue.


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Special thanks to Le Quebec Maritime for organizing and sponsoring this trip.

Photo (Main): Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse National Historic Site of Canada and the Musée de la Mer by Philippe Delisle