U.S. Art Galleries Accepting Artist Submissions

U.S. Art Galleries Accepting Artist Submissions


If you are an artist seeking art galleries in the U.S. accepting submissions, we've done the work for you by compiling an ongoing list of art galleries seeking new artists and artist submissions for gallery exhibitions.

Ann Korologos Gallery Artist Submissions (Colorado)

"We understand that the West is as varied as its breathtaking landscapes, and so is its art. That’s why we seek out artists working in all media and from all parts of the US."

For more than 20 years, the Ann Korologos Gallery has specialized in Western art and artists influenced by the West. Owner Ann Korologos, who bought the gallery in 2007 has created a warm and inviting space that has become a center of arts and culture in the Roaring Fork Valley…and beyond.

>>Ann Korologos Gallery Submission Process

The Artists Showplace Gallery Artist Submissions (Texas)

"We accept work based on the availability of space in the gallery. Our gallery showcases hundreds of works of art, including European, classical and traditional art, contemporary and abstract paintings, bronzes, woodwork, and hand-crafted jewelry."

A hidden gem conveniently located in North Dallas, the Showplace Gallery features an extensive selection of artwork by painters, sculptors, jewelry artists and modern masters, all in an airy, spacious venue of 12,000 square feet.

>>The Artists Showplace Gallery Submission Process

Austin Art Garage Gallery Artist Submissions (Texas)

"Being a small gallery, we are often at capacity, but always considering new artists for our roster."

Austin Art Garage was created in 2007 to expose talented, emerging Austin artists and offer art enthusiasts, from all social-economic levels, an opportunity to invest in original art created within their community.

>>Austin Art Garage Gallery Submission Process

Axom Gallery Artist Submissions (Texas)

"AXOM Gallery and Exhibition Space reviews artist proposals on an ongoing basis. We accept submissions for two and three dimensional works, new media and installation."

Established in 2012, AXOM Gallery focuses on contemporary visual art and design from emerging and established artists of influence.

>>Axom Gallery Submission Process

Bass & Reiner Gallery Artist Submissions (California)

"Our purpose at Bass & Reiner is to expand, strengthen, and connect arts communities. As such, we happily accept digital submissions of work from emerging artists."

Bass & Reiner is a curatorial project with the goal of introducing local artists to a broader audience and bringing artwork from elsewhere to The Bay Area, expanding beyond traditional regional boundaries.

>>Bass & Reiner Gallery Submission Process

Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery Artist Submissions (Florida)

"We are most often looking for artists who are starting out in their careers but who have an identifiable, consistent and unique style to their artwork. Our collectors/buyers are often just starting out their personal art collection, therefore lower priced work of obvious quality is what we seek."

Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery is a new, fresh venue for artists locally and around the world. The 700 square foot wood floored loft space is divided into a boutique and a gallery. The boutique features special items that will entice the savvy shopper. Think of it as a ‘museum store’ of sorts. It is an ecclectic mix of jewelry, books, clothing, toys, housewares, handmade items and more.

>>Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery Submission Process