Who is Circus Living?

We are in the middle of a theme overhaul which means in the near future, there will be more posts on where our true passion and interests lay and that is, with monsters, magic, ghosts, fringe science, and the unexplained. Soon, we will be posting our new vision and mission, and where we are ultimately heading with our new site, Circus Living 2.0. To keep updated on our progress, we urge you to
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So, this is the page where I am supposed to write about the pre-owned travel trailer we bought from a nice older couple ...a 1985 Award Challenger :)  We have done some renovations on it, and more renos are up and coming.  Occasionally, we will also have tips and product reviews revolving around the use and maintenance of our travel trailer and not to mention the many hurdles and obstacles we have had to face owning one (we are first time travel trailer owners!). All of this info about our travel trailer can be found in the this section. Still working on the content for this page so stay tuned!