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Monster Factory

Oct 26, 2012

Meet Kyle. Kyle has remarkable computational abilities and is a bit of a hypochondriac. Meet Doyle. When giving Doyle directions it's probably best to draw a map, no matter how short the trip.
                                                                            Kyle                                          Doyle

Ronan had trouble remembering Doyle's name. He called him 'Donnie', 'Donald', 'Dan', or 'Don'. Constantly, he would ask Doyle, 'what's your name again?' 
Kiarra placed Kyle on a mucus-soaked tissue. She had a cold. Kyle was not impressed. 
                                                                               Poor Kyle on Kiarra's used tissue

Despite their differences, they bonded. Doyle took the place of Ducky, Ronan's faithful plush toy from infancy, and slept beside Ronan in his bed. Ronan even drew Doyle a map of our house in case he lost his way. Kiarra's entourage who accompanies her everywhere (Dora and Boots to be exact) now includes Kyle. Doyle and Kyle in the course of an evening became part of our circus.
Doyle and Kyle come from Monster Factory based in Toronto, Ontario. The Monster Factory offers a variety of cute and cuddly monsters each with a short autobiographical sketch outlining their personalities. Monster Factory began in 2003 when three friends Adam Dunn, Rhya Tamasauskas, and Bliss Man created the original six monsters known as the Heartbreakers in their tiny living room which also doubled as their sewing room. Since then, Monster Factory has grown from having six different types of monsters to a hundred, and their work area has moved from their combined living/sewing room to a studio in Toronto. The creators of Monster Factory are still deeply involved with the creation and design of their monsters despite significant additions to their artistic team. Though their monster designs have evolved considerably since the Heartbreakers, they proudly attest, "the original six will always hold a very special place in our hearts, as they were the beginning of what has been and still is an awesome monster adventure".

                                                                                     The Heartbreakers

In time for Halloween, Monster Factory launched two new zombie limited edition monsters - Bianca and Lewis. According to the Monster Factory blog, Bianca and Lewis caused havoc in the Monster Factory studio. They were unruly. They were restless. So, the Monster Factory team took them to the Toronto Zombie Walk hoping it would let them blow off some of that unbridled zombie steam.  
                                                       Bianca and Lewis at the Toronto Zombie Walk

Similar to the story found on the Monster Factory blog surrounding Bianca and Lewis, numerous images and stories involving the monsters from Monster Factory can be found on their page on facebook and twitter account. These visual stories are offered by creators and fans alike. And fan engagement is precisely how the Monster Factory distinguishes itself from other plush toy creators. Monster Factory successfully acquires and maintains a huge following by constructing stories around their monsters and encouraging monster fans to do the same. Rhya explains, "one of the things we like to encourage via our monsters is story telling and taking photos of your monsters is a great way to tell a visual story". Encouraging imaginative play with their monsters ensures fan involvement which further strengthens the appeal of owning one. For Ronan, Monster Factory's description of Doyle helped him get started on imagining what Doyle would say and do in certain situations. Unlike his other plush toys which are stored in his closet collecting dust, Ronan has decided to keep Doyle around simply because Doyle feels more 'real' to him. And seriously, when it comes right down to it, just look at their monsters, how can you not want to hug one??
All in all, Kiarra and Ronan give the Monster Factory four thumbs up. And me? My favourite part about the plush toys is that they are machine washable (provided you do so with care). As a parent, being able to wash the monsters when needed, is a major benefit!
Don't miss this upcoming Monster Factory event!
Monster Factory is launching their first ever customizable characters, The Ghosties, this weekend at the Gladstone, Sunday, October 28, from 1-5 PM. Party-goers will have the chance to stuff, stitch up, and decorate their own Ghostie Monster. The cost for your very own Ghostie Monster is $20. They book fast so ensure to send then an email to or call them at 416-913-6673 to reserve a Ghostie. Happy Haunting and happy decorating for those of you who are attending!

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Photos on this page courtesy of Monster Factory