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Circus Living presents LEGO IMAGINE NATION TOUR

A LEGO Monster is Born

Aug 21, 2016 - The Circus Living kids (aka The Hooligans) attended the LEGO Imagine Nation Tour which happened in Palais de Congres in Montreal on August 12-14, 2016. As I expected, Ronan, Kiarra, and Seamus, all LEGO enthusiasts, had fun at the event.

Want to know what you can do at the LEGO Imagine Nation Tour? To find out the many offerings available at the LEGO Imagine Nation Tour, be sure to visit this link where we do a breakdown of what to expect.

Ronan, Kiarra, and Seamus at the LEGO Imagine Nation Tour 2016

This particular post is for our readers who are curious about the monsters and what they have been up to. With three strong-willed children all battling for our attentions constantly, there hasn't been an event we went to that wasn't full of challenges, surprises, and oodles of spirit. For this particular event, it would be Seamus who gets the award for being the most spirited one of the bunch - not that we hand out awards for this sort of behaviour. Every now and then, however, one of them does manage to upstage the other two when it comes to battling for the limelight. I suppose when there are three of you, the temptation to stand out is far greater...oh, hell, what do I know? Really, I have no clue how I ended up with three hyper kids. All I know for certain is that they take after their father.

And without further adieu, here are a few photos and some snippets of our time at the LEGO Imagine Nation Tour 2016.

Seamus as soon as we arrived at Palais de Congres took off like a bat out of hell. His excitement kicked into overdrive and we had to run to catch up to him. Apparently, Randy lost sight of him at one point according to his brother Ronan. Thankfully, the venue was large enough that it was not too crowded. Ronan (of Fringe Science for Kids) was able to spot Seamus a few seconds after he took off. Though Seamus was fascinated with the giant LEGO structures, he was too excited to pose with any. Instead, he photobombed most of Kiarra's photos (much to her annoyance) and even photobombed other parents' photos (much to my embarrassment). I had to keep reminding him to stay in line when waiting for our photo-op with the structures. The line-ups were not too long by any means but Seamus was in his own zone.

Giant Lego Structures & Photobombs!

LEGO Imagine Nation Tour
Photobomb # 2

LEGO Imagine Nation Tour
Photobomb # 3

The Brick Pit Monster

As I predicted in my last post about the LEGO Imagine Nation Tour, the LEGO brick pit was lots of fun. Our family was quite content sitting on a mountain of LEGOs constructing whatever their hearts desired...that is until Seamus thought part of the fun was throwing LEGOs all around. I quickly put a stop to that. Unfortunately, one of the fathers in the brick pit became a casualty before I could - his back to be exact. I don't think he noticed but knowing Seamus, it would have escalated had I not stepped in. I managed to catch a photo of the monster mid-throw. 

Lego Imagine Nation Tour
The monster in action about to throw the LEGOs

Lego Imagine Nation Tour
Hanging out in the brick pit

Lego Imagine Nation Tour
Looks like the kids weren't the only ones having fun

Picture Perfect?

In the end, I managed to get a few photos of Kiarra posing with LEGO structures (per her request - she's all about posing) without Seamus' photobombs. At one point, I even got him to pose nicely for the camera. Albeit, it was a blurry shot since he was so fidgety but it will have to do! Kiarra insisted on posing with the LEGO guitar. She lined-up patiently while Randy and Ronan chased Seamus all around.

Lego Imagine Nation Tour
Not quite, Seamus...not quite, lol.

LEGO Imagine Nation Tour
Finally a somewhat decent photo!

Lego Imagine Nation Tour
Kiarra of Kiarra's Finds with her LEGO guitar

All three kids saw the Toys R' Us section at the event and insisted on grabbing some LEGOs. Seamus just ran right for the area as soon as he saw it (I swear, it's like he was running a marathon in there). We reminded him that we had to pay for his LEGO before he could leave with it. We should have seen it coming but he skipped the line, went right for one of the cashiers and plopped his LEGO right beside a father cashing out with his son. Randy just laughed and thought it was amusing (bah). The cashier knew enough to take his toy and put it aside for him. It wasn't too long before Seamus was hightailing out of there, screaming in excitement over the LEGO-themed video games located right beside the Toys R' Us area. In typical Seamus fashion, yup, you guessed it...he pushed his way through to the front of the line. He plopped himself in front of one of the large video screens pointing at it while screaming in glee. The poor boy who was next in line waiting for his turn looked bewildered...likely wondering where the wild little boy came from. I had to lure giddy Seamus out of there.

All in all, the kids had a fantastic time. It really doesn't take much to entertain these kids and most especially when LEGO is involved (they find all sorts of ways to get into trouble wherever we go - pros, they keep themselves entertained, cons, well, having to deal with the trouble part). From my observations of other families at the LEGO Imagine Nation tour, I can tell other kids were enjoying their time as well.

Where can you catch the LEGO Imagine Nation Tour?

The LEGO Imagine Nation tour which is the first ever of this kind to be held in Canada will be taking place in these cities next.
September 9-11: Calgary | BMO Centre
September 30-October 2: Vancouver | Vancouver Convention Centre
October 14-16: Toronto | Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Be sure to visit the LEGO IMAGINE NATION TOUR website for further information, ticket prices, and times. Each city will be holding five separate sessions so ensure to sign-up for one ahead of time to reserve a spot.
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