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"Jump: The move between towns" - derived from glossary of circus terms

This section contains blog entries of our trips and travels and entries on our travel bucket list. Our travel experiences mostly involve day trips or travelling in our travel trailer so currently, most of our travel reviews and entries consist of short and long road trips and overnight stays in campgrounds, parks, and RV/Trailer parks.

Zombie Survival Camp (Toronto)
Nothing brings people closer together than the fear of being eaten by zombies...

Jump to the Philippines to learn about the Aswang Project (Chasing Monsters, 5th entry)
The mythical creatures a particular culture believes in says a lot about its people...

Jump to Kingston
Our review of the 1000 Islands Cruises and Fort Henry...

Jump to KOA Kingston
Our review of the KOA Kingston campground...

Jump to Massachusetts to meet monster chaser Peter Muise (Chasing Monsters, 4th Entry)
Massachusetts is known for its history surrounding the Salem trials and witch hunts of 1692...

Jump to Ohio to meet Small Town Monster's Minerva Monster (Chasing Monsters, 3rd Entry)
"Nearly every community has its own monster". - Seth Breedlove, director

Jump to Aiya Napa, Cyprus to meet the Friendly Sea Monster (Chasing Monsters, 2nd Entry)
Legend has it that within the serene waters of Aiya Napa, there lies a friendly sea monster.

Jump to Maine, U.S.A. - Our bucket list as inspired by our kids
Bigfoot, fairies, and beachside camping

Jump to Salzburg, Austria where Krampus is coming to town (Chasing Monsters, 1st Entry)
Sure, most of us have heard of Santa, and I am certain some parents have used Santa to incite good behaviour from their children.

Jump to Haunt Manor, Niagara Falls, ON
Damn my brother. He was supposed to write this review and get the beejeebers scared out of him.

Halloween Travel Bucket List
A list of our Halloween travel ideas - our 'must-do' list to celebrate the spookiest time of the year!

Santa's Village, Bracebridge
Our visit to Santa's Village in Bracebridge, Ontario

Santa's Whispering Pines Campground, Bracebridge
Our stay at Santa's Whispering Pines Campground in Bracebridge, Ontario

Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls
Our trip to Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls, Ontario

St. Jacob's Ontario
Our trip to Green Acre Park, St. Jacob's Market, and Tim Murton's Twilight Zoo exhibit in Elora

Cedar Point, Ohio
Our trip to Cedar Point, Ohio