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Hunt for Quebec's best chocolatiers

Sept 16, 2016 - When I attended the Je t'aime en chocolat show held at Marche Bonsecours on Feb 5-7, 2016, I made it a mission to find the best chocolaterie in Quebec. Ronan and I started this quest and our mission took us to places like Cacao 70 and Chocolats Genevieve Grandbois.

C'Chocolat Montreal
C'Chocolat in Montreal

My sister from Ontario was coming for a visit and being a choco-lover herself, I wanted to find a chocolate shop which could surpass all others. C'Chocolat serving a menu item known as the "chocolate bomb" held promise so off we went for a visit. Ronan tagged along since school had not started for him yet (we went during a weekday which meant less crowds), and as I have mentioned time and time again, we do not have treats readily available at home because his sister has dietary restrictions. So whenever he has the opportunity to head out and sample some away from his sister's pleading eyes, he jumps at the chance.

C'chocolat Montreal
My sister is happiest near chocolate, hehe.

"Speaking" of dietary restrictions, Kiarra, my daughter, does manage to have treats. There will be a special section on Circus Living soon where Kiarra will be showcasing Paleo-friendly treats, recipes, and handy kitchen appliances to help make these treats! (For those of you not in the know, paleo means no wheat, no gluten, no refined sugars, no dairy, no artificial preservatives). Going to places like C'Chocolat is like research or an expedition for me if you will. I use dessert places and chocolateries as inspiration for making similar treats at home which Kiarra can enjoy. And hey, if any can cater to her food restrictions, even better!!!

Ah, but I digress. I am sure you are reading this entry to find out more about C'Chocolat and its renowned chocolate bomb. Take a gander at the instagram video below.

...Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce C'Wow, a 70% chocolate dome filled with pieces of C'Chocolat's Liege waffle, brownie, gelato, crumble, mixed berries, and pecans. Don't let my sister's excited hmms distract you from taking in all that gooey chocolate-y goodness.


So, what is our verdict when it comes to C'Wow, C'Chocolate's chocolate bomb dessert? It was incredibly rich, luscious, and wonderfully creamy. I wouldn't recommend eating it all to yourself - not that I would judge. I have to emphasize that the dome is a lot for one person! My sister and I struggled to finish the one we shared. I do have to give the warning that it is packed full of sugar (yah, I know, duh) which means if you are not accustomed to that much sugar like me (dietary restrictions at home, remember?), you may feel a bit woozy after eating a huge helping. So, just stressing this again, it's best to share.

C'Chocolat Montreal
The C'wow post-caramel

Chocolate Soufflé

Ronan had a Chocolate Soufflé. He does not even know what a soufflé is but he ordered it anyway. I admit that I didn't sample a bite since I already had more than my sugar fill after the C'Wow. My sister, however, tasted it and both Ronan and her gave it a two thumbs up. My sister describes it had a light airy quality to it that made the chocolate taste all the more delicious.

Ronan's Chocolate Soufflé

Overall Rating

C'Chocolat Montreal
We went during a weekday (early lunch) and beat the crowds

C'Chocolat is definitely worth more than one visit. Whenever I take a look at their menu, I am amazed by the various types of different dessert items they have (and they are not just the usual waffles and chocolate sauce either - hey, if that is what you crave, they do have the "Classic" waffle on their menu). With desserts named Strawberry Sushi Crepe, Hazelnut Dream Waffles, The Perfect Parcel Crepe, and the Cayo Coco Smoothie, as a chocolate lover, it's hard not to feel the urge to try them, and as a mom who is always looking for treat ideas to Paleo-ize, C'Chocolat's menu serves as a welcome muse.

C'Chocolat Montreal
My sister Alessa and Ronan were busy trying to catch Pokemon (free wifi in C'Chocolat)

For more info about C'Chocolat, their menu, different locations, and hours, visit their website.

C'Chocolat Montreal
Love the view of the charming older houses outside of C'Chocolat


The chocolate show held at Marche Bonsecours has inspired me to start a quest to find the best chocolatier in Quebec. There were so many remarkable chocolatiers offering tasty and unique chocolate concoctions. Je t'aime en chocolate introduced me to chocolatiers who I have not heard of previously. I realized I barely scratched the surface when it comes to trying chocolate shops in Quebec. So, my readers, help me out and time to start hunting!

How can you get involved in this quest for the best chocolatier? Use hashtag #circuslivingchocolatiers on instagram, facebook, and twitter to tag chocolatiers you have visited worth mentioning, and maybe, just maybe, we will pay them a visit and feature them on the blog!

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