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The Hooligans Reading Club presents
A Fairy Friend by Sue Fliess

A Fairy Friend

A Fairy Friend written by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Claire Keane caters to the 3-7 years old age group. The tale involves a wonderful story about a little girl and the steps she needs to take in order to find a fairy friend.

Creativity, patience, and kindness are some of the traits encouraged in the book. Readers of the book are encouraged to construct a fairy house made out of twigs and blooms to attract a fairy to visit. Entrapping fairies is cautioned against. Instead, taking the time to wait for a fairy to approach is described as the perfect way to make a fairy friend. Though fairies eventually leave and fly off elsewhere, Sue Fliess reasons that as long as one is kind, the fairies will always come back.

The illustrations by Claire Keane convey a beautiful landscape of blue and lavender hues, complete with twinkling lively fairies, complementing the overall magical theme of the book.

Kiarra (5 years old) loved the book. Certainly, it did not come as a surprise since she adores fairies. She has a fairy door in her room which she is convinced, to this day, hides a "real" fairy friend. Though Kiarra figured out the presents left for her by her fairy friend was actually her brother Ronan leaving them while she slept, she still believes that there lies inside that door a true fairy. Ahhh, I find it truly fascinating - the imagination of children like Kiarra's whose discovery of her brother leaving her presents has not at all diminished her strong belief in a world surrounded by fae magic.

Kiarra's favourite part of the book involved her fairy friend teaching her how to fly. Who wouldn't want to learn how to fly??Her least favourite part (and she made a point of telling me what her not-so-favourite part was even though I did not ask, haha) had to do with having to practice kindness so that her fairy friend always comes back. She, in a matter of fact tone, stated that she would have to be nice to Ronan so that her friend comes back, and that she would have to stop demanding things so loudly (a common contention I tend to have with her). She said it begrudgingly but was resigned to having to practice kindness just the same. Perhaps Sue Fliess' words will encourage Kiarra to be more patient...only time will tell :)

In the end, the book "A Fairy Friend" by Sue Fliess encourages a refreshing optimism for a belief in a world where creativity knows no bounds, possibilities are endless, and where one can learn to fly, get to know, and love a magical friend. Having to practice patience and kindness as key to ensuring one's fairy friend always returns was for me the icing on the cake ;)

Our next step? Build a fairy house of course! Kiarra and Seamus (3 years old) will be building one to attract a fairy friend. We'll be sure to update you on the progress. For now, it's time to find some sticks and thistles during our hike around the island we call home!

A Fairy Friend by Sue Fliess

For more information about Sue Fliess and "A Fairy Friend", be sure to visit her website, the Unter Agency website, and like Sue Fliess' page on facebook.

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