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We are in the middle of a theme overhaul which means in the near future, there will be more posts on where our true passion and interests lay and that is, with monsters, magic, ghosts, fringe science, and the unexplained. Soon, we will be posting our new vision and mission, and where we are ultimately heading with our new site, Circus Living 2.0. To keep updated on our progress, we urge you to
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2015, HERE WE COME! 
Circus Living's Plans for 2015

Hiking at Heartland Forest (Niagara Falls, Ontario)

2014 went by in a flash. I officially launched Circus Living again at the end of summer 2014 after taking a 'maternity leave-induced' hiatus. We had plans to travel October and December of 2014 but due to issues with paperwork (our kids' birth certificates and my driver's licence were stolen out of our vehicle!), and then issues with our Acadia (sigh, what else is new?), we had to cancel them. Despite these set-backs, however, we still managed to visit a few places such as Santa's Village up in Bracebridge, Ontario (we have been planning to go for years!) and we were even given the opportunity to camp at the Whispering Pines Campground located right beside the park. We also visited the Bird Kingdom this past summer which has always been a family favourite activity of ours to do in Niagara regardless of the weather (they are open all year round). I was also able to test my courage when I attended the yearly Halloween event Haunt Manor which happens at the Campark Campground.
If you are a frequent reader of Circus Living, you are likely already familiar with the fact our concessions area are filled with incredibly talented artists who create morbidly beautiful works of art. One of the highlights of 2014 was that I had the opportunity to meet several brilliant artists and become acquainted with their dazzling eerie works.
2015 brings in a New Year with new possibilities and new challenges. Oh, you can bet we have plans for the website for this coming year, and in no particular order, they are as follows...


Heartland Forest (Niagara Falls, Ontario)
Our travel plans include a whole lot of camping and sight-seeing mostly in Northern Ontario during the spring and summer months. If all goes well, we may just take a special trip and cross the border for Halloween to celebrate Kiarra's birthday. We are also making it a point this year to spend more time communing with nature so apart from camping, you will see tons of posts about hiking and outdoors-oriented adventures. Hiking with a four year old and a one year old?! Whaaa...you say? Ah, don't fret, it is do-able and we will show our readers how through our documented successes and failures.

'Chasing Monsters' Travel Feature

 © Österreich Werbung, Photographer: Semrad
Circus Living will be continuing with the Chasing Monsters travel feature where a cryptid or legendary monster and where to find them in the world will be featured. I have to credit my inspiration to known cryptoologist Loren Cordain whose International Cryptozoology Museum in Maine which I mention in this entry outlining our bucket list of must-do's in Maine opened up a world of possibilities both for the way I view the study of unknown creatures and the way I view travel.

Travelling Primal

In conjunction with our sister site Getting Primal's travel feature on how and where to travel in certain parts of the world while following a Paleo diet, Circus Living will be featuring a bucket list of must-do's for each area we have not yet visited. For the areas we have visited, an entry on our experiences will complement the Getting Primal travel feature. Our bucket lists and experiences will be catered towards family travel and particularly, our own kids' interests. Our feature on where to travel while in Maine as inspired by our kids will give you an idea of what to expect from this section.

More artists!

Anyone with an appreciation for the morbid arts will be thrilled to know that Circus Living plans to continue featuring unique artists whose works are eerie, fascinating, and incredibly striking. Every day, we continue to find more and more amazing artists with remarkable talents we cannot wait to share with you. We are a family who loves monsters, the paranormal, and the unknown, and art is an integral component of our lives (especially with our four year old Kiarra who has started creating morbidly beautiful works of her own - she takes after me!) so this section on our site and the artists featured in them are near and dear to our hearts. If you are not already following or reading our concessions section, believe me when I write that the artists we choose to feature are incredibly unique and whose works will astound, fascinate, touch, and at times, disturb you (in a good way). These are no ordinary artists and you will have to check them out to see for yourself. 

The Big Top

Heartland Forest (Niagara Falls, Ontario)

Ah, the big top section where our day to day meanderings can be found. Ok, I lie. It's not entirely a day to day thing...more like a monthly feature. In the coming year, I am planning to focus more time improving my photography skills (the very little that I have) and implement a Project12 of sorts. Not familiar with such a project? Basically, every month, I will select a few of the images I took during our outings around our local area of Niagara Falls (Ontario) and feature them on our site as an update of what we have been up to. This section will be focused on a more personal look on our family and travelling locally. So, if you are from Niagara and/or interested in travelling to Niagara to find out about the hidden travel gems in the area while learning more about our crazy family, this section will contain all of that info and more. I have noticed a few websites in the past which have been implemented with the intention of sharing family-based events and attractions within Niagara for both residents and visitors which have fallen on the wayside (such a shame). So, I decided to dedicate this section to our current home and focus more on the attractions and events that are less well known among the tourist crowds in the Niagara Region. To put it simply, places featured in this section will be deemed by Circus Living worthy and in need a shout-out so that visitors and residents know about these hidden gems.


I have been writing about it for a month now and I am happy to announce that come the end of January, my seven year old son's game review website R(onan)-Rated will be launched! He will be reviewing games and monster-related products/toys (of course, we are all about the monsters). There may be a few guest reviews by his four year old sister Kiarra here and there but ssssh, don't tell him. Kiarra has already been insisting on conducting video reviews of her own and well, she can be so damn cute, how can I say no? Here's a video of both of them announcing the launch of the site. Ok, it was only supposed to be Ronan but Kiarra noticed we were filming and barged right in. These are our kids...full of life...zest...with incredibly strong and spirited personalities. There are days I cannot stop laughing and there are days when I cannot stop crying, haha!

Newsletter Subscription

For 2015, Circus Living will allow readers to subscribe to certain areas of our site which means if you are only interested in the 'Chasing Monsters' feature or cryptids for example, you can select that section to subscribe to. Only interested in things to do around the Niagara Region? No problem. Only interested in our other travel features, sure, you can subscribe to that section alone. Only interested in the artists and nothing else? Done! In other words, you will only receive updates on the features or sections you are interested in!
So, there you go, our list of plans for Circus Living, and as the year goes by, I am sure there will be plenty more to come. Your input and suggestions are always appreciated. Circus Living will always be a work-in-progress. Some sections may expand, some may wane...it all depends on how it all pans out. Though we may evolve throughout the year, you can rest assured we will stay true to our theme of family travel (particularly, in reference to RV'ing and camping), monster-related travel, products and artwork, and finding the hidden pleasures of travelling locally (#iloveniagara!). Have any ideas or features you think we should cover? Shoot us a comment on our page on facebook or send us a message on twitter. We would love to hear from you! We derive inspiration from all things and the more we hear from our readers, I am certain that the more inspired we will become.

Heartland Forest (Niagara Falls, Ontario)