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Jump to Maine, U.S.A. - Our bucket list as inspired by the kids
Bigfoot, fairies, and beachside camping...

On our sister site Getting Primal, we published an article about travelling in Maine while on a Paleo diet. As a complementary feature, Circus Living is presenting a bucket list of things to do while in Maine as inspired by our kids' interests. Keep in mind that there are tons to do in Maine, and this entry just presents a sampling of the unique adventures one can experience in this charming state.

International Cryptozoology Museum

Our seven year old son Ronan loves anything creepy, morbid, and mysterious. Naturally, while in Maine, it would only make sense to visit the International Cryptozoology Museum. What is cryptozoology? Loren Coleman, founder of this fascinating museum, describes cryptozoology as "the study of hidden animals, to date not formally recognized by what is often termed Western science or formal zoology but supported in some way by testimony from a human being and evidence of their presence" (ICM). Exhibits relating to Bigfoot, Nessie, the Abominable snowman, the Yetis, and the Jersey Devil are a few examples of what one will find in this museum. The museum encompasses more than the creatures yet unverified by science. Recently discovered animals such as the coelacanth, okapi, megamouth shark, giant panda and mountain gorilla are also included within the field of cryptozoology. It is purported to be the only cryptozoology museum in the world. All at once mysterious, entertaining and educational, this museum is a must-do in Maine.

Photo Credit: ICM

Fairy Houses

Fairies! Our four year old Kiarra simply loves fairies! There is a bustling fairy community in Maine most especially located around the Cathedral Woods trail, the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, and Makworth Island. Well, maybe not bustling since the fairies are very good at keeping hidden although evidence of their existence in the form of fairy houses and communities can be found throughout these locations. In order to entice the fairies to keep coming back, visitors and residents of Maine have made it a tradition to construct fairy houses using natural found items at these locations. I am certain Kiarra would be absolutely delighted to view these wonderful creations, and would love building a fairy house herself.  Building fairy houses would be a great way to spend time outdoors while creating memories with the kids while in Maine.

Photo Credit: Barry of Fairy Houses

Wolfe's Neck Farm

Seamus, our baby boy born and raised Paleo, inspired me to choose the next travel destination on our Maine bucket list - Wolfe's Neck Farm. Wolfe's Neck Farm offers traditional camping as well as oceanfront camping for RV'ers like us. If camping by a beach is not enough to entice one to visit, they offer day programs for kids and families at their farm. Teaching families how to grow foods using organic methods, having kids help with farm and garden chores, exploring various habitats through creative activities on the farm, woods, and by the sea shore, Wolfe's Neck Farm offers a variety of activities to keep families and the kids busy. And for parents like us who need a break during our vacation from the kids now and then, our kids can attend the summer day camps while we canoe, kayak, explore the beach, or simply relax and hang out at our campground located right on the farm. A day camp that teaches our kids responsibility in a fun manner while we bask and unwind by the shore...definitely a Maine must-do!

Photo Credit: Wolfe's Neck Farm

Kennebunkport's Christmas Prelude

Since we are publishing this feature during the Holiday season, a special mention certainly needs to be made regarding Kennebunkport's Christmas Prelude event. One of the many activities the town has planned for this event involves Santa arriving in a lobster boat  and a tree lighting ceremony complete with a Christmas tree made out of lobster traps.  Historic tours and picturesque houses, quaint shops and art galleries, sleigh rides and fireworks, who can resist this adorable town? Truly, the best part about the Christmas Prelude event is how the community of Kennenbunkport (churches, schools, civic and community groups, businesses) work together to plan this event year after year to spread the joy of the Christmas season to its residents and visitors.

Photo Credit: Robert Dennis

Special thanks to Jennifer Geiger from the Maine Office of Tourism for her assistance.