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On our last trip to Green Acre Park located in St. Jacob's, Ontario approximately two years ago, I found out I was pregnant with Seamus. That is how long it has been since we have been back! In truth, our RV travels were placed on hold after our trip to Disney World, Florida. After our recent trip to Santa's Village, our passion for traveling has been re-ignited and we hope to travel more in the future as time and finances allow.

This past weekend, we visited Green Acre Park again and like before enjoyed our visit. Our site was located directly beside the playground which I noticed they have renovated since we were there, and our site was also conveniently located beside the washrooms and showers. Instead of writing another review of the park, I decided to attempt a photoblog entry of sorts. I wanted to create a keepsake of memories for my children and was hoping one day they will look back at some of these photos of our travel and remember our time together. So, in a way, this photoblog is for them and of course for anyone who is curious about the park or learning more about our experience.

I am not by any means a professional photographer (duh!) so my images need work (and constructive criticisms are welcome and encouraged!). If you have any questions about Green Acre park and our experience (you can check out our past review here), feel free to ask me and I will assist you in any way I am able :) 

Ronan, here are some images of you throwing rocks into the pond. As soon as we arrived at our camp site, you rushed over to the pond to investigate. The scenic pond was located close to our site. Dad could not help pointing out your crazy bed head in the picture. For some reason, you refused to fix your hair that morning - maybe you figured we were just going camping, no need for tidy hair? In any case, I bet you wished you knew beforehand that there would be pretty young girls in the park, hehe.



Kiarra went straight for the swings as soon as we arrived and her younger brother Seamus joined her.

Here's an old image of Kiarra on the swings two years ago...ahhhhh, how you have grown!

On our way to the St. Jacob's & Aberfoyle Model Railway, Kiarra, naturally, had to stop and smell the flowers. Her brother Ronan was annoyed. Argg, how you two drove me crazy with your bickering. You both knew how to push each other's buttons. Kiarra, you took your time smelling those flowers knowing your brother was dying to go see the trains.


The St. Jacob's & Aberfoyle Model Railway was impressive. Every 40 minutes, the lights went down for the night scene to begin. Ronan loved analyzing the different intricate sets during the night scene - he was especially excited to discover a busy night club built within the train set. Admittedly, I did not get a chance to analyze the various sets during the night scene because I was busily making sure Kiarra was still around me in the dark room. She had the tendency of sneaking off and disappearing only for me to yell 'Kiarra! Kiarra, where are you?' every couple of minutes. Kind and understanding folks viewing the model railway would help lead me right to her...the bugger. 


Two years later from our last visit and Green Acre Park continues to be a picturesque and serene campground. The park is clean and quiet. The playground is perfect for kids and not to mention, the heated pool and hot tubs (that's right hot tubs as in two!) are excellent additions to the park. I chose a site close to the playground so we can keep an eye on Ronan and Kiarra from our trailer. It was convenient being able to watch them without having to be at the playground every minute. Of course, we could not leave Seamus who was still too young all by himself so we had him hanging around us. Seamus was perfectly content in his playpen playing by himself when he was not in the playground. Kiarra, we loved how you would respond each time we called your name to check on you every minute - although your response of 'what?' would have been nicer with a 'yes, mom' or 'yes, dad' :P 


Kiarra was very curious about the campground and wanted to explore. She was adamant on hanging out at this bridge and posing for photos. I was trying to lure her back to the playground. Pardon the second photo. It is dark and I currently do not have access to my photo editor. I recently changed laptops and Adobe Photoshop is still in my old laptop which Ronan is using.

Kiarra wanted me to take pictures of her riding her bike and Ronan kept giving her horns. She was upset to find out Ronan was standing behind her (she did not know about the horns) and insisted a picture with Ronan was NOT a good picture...so I had to take a few of her until she was satisfied. Ronan was unhappy because the wheels on his bike were flat so he could not go for a bike ride and decided to bug his sister instead...typical. 


And here's the sweet baby boy. He was still recovering from the hand, foot, and mouth disease and was still not quite himself. He was not as cheery as normal. It did not help that the trailer door shutting because of the wind woke him up from his afternoon nap. I managed to catch an image of him, however, happily swinging away.


Typical Kiarra, always full of life. Always on opposite extremes. She feels very strongly...about everything. And this was her giddy about feeling like Tinkerbell when swinging. She insisted on taking off her hair tie (for the entire weekend actually) and letting her hair run wild. I have no idea how she managed to play with it constantly in her face but that's Kiarra for you, a wild little thing.


This picture just cracks me up. Seamus is giving what I like to call the Houlahan face. He was sleepy at this point and evidently not impressed. Kiarra wanted to push him on the swing. Kiarra, you loved your baby brother and wanted to be around him so much...at times, he was not too happy about it. Remember that giving some space and wiggle room is a good thing in life :)


The kids playing in the playground. Ronan and Kiarra were playing some game where they would race to get to the top of the slide first. Ronan ended up taking off Kiarra's shoes to slow her down. It did not work. It just resulted in angering her. Ugh, like I said, you both loved to play together and then inevitably fight.

Do not let Seamus fool you. He looks so well-behaved and content playing in the sand. Each time we let him wander around and investigate, he would place all sorts of dirty things in his mouth - sand, dirt, soil, sticks (at one point, he looked like a dog with a stick in his mouth which his older brother fished out). Seamus and his oral fixation...sigh...and yes, he did eventually place the sand in his mouth using that shovel...several times...we never had to worry about this with your two older siblings!


And that is all time will allow me to post up of our trip to Green Acre Park located in St. Jacob's, Ontario. For more pictures of our trip, visit this link on facebook and like our page for updates!