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Circus Living presents Cumberland Falls Arts

 Dolls by Cumberland Falls Arts

Oct 31, 2014 - I came across Deb's dolls on Etsy before and have placed her in my bucket list of artists to feature. One day, as I was looking for ideas on items to give away for Halloween apart from the usual candy, I found Deb's creepy print-able paper dolls. From Frankenstein to the Pumpkin Man, she offers a cornucopia of print-able monsters one can use to decorate a room or make a paper puppet monster out of. Finding Deb's paper dolls served as a reminder that it was time to contact her and ask her about her artwork and the creative process she goes through when making them.

Frankenstein paper doll

Deb, just like our family, celebrates Halloween all year. Creating pieces for Halloween is her specialty and she creates these fun and macabre artistic pieces all year round - ahhh, our kind of artist!

I asked her to tell me a bit about some of her artwork which caught my eye, and she started by telling me how her voodoo dolls came to be.

"I have designed a few decks of tarot cards and I love movies and books with magic. Since I make dolls I found it fascinating that voodoo dolls carried such power but they are usually boring and drab. I thought why not make dolls that conveyed the emotions of the people who wanted to use them.  I of course do not put spells on them but do enjoy making them.  They allow me to be my most artistic so I am drawn to them more than any of the other dolls." 

Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo dolls with character and flair - each one with its own unique style. What a brilliant and fascinating idea!

Deb's Frankenstein softies particularly strike a chord with art collectors as I observed from the numerous positive reviews she has received on Etsy regarding these cloth dolls. They are not only incredibly cute, they are also affordable which is a rare occurrence in the world of art collecting. Deb describes that these cloth dolls first started as paper dolls which she ended up printing on fabric. This creative process eventually resulted in the creation of the most adorable monsters.

Cloth doll
Deb's artistic prowess extends beyond the creation of dolls. She also paints and a red riding hood print in particular caught my attention. When Deb created this painting, she knew she wanted to make it different from other red riding hood artwork available so she made the wolf with a square head and made red riding hood ten feet tall. At first I was not sure what drew me to this painting and after asking Deb about it, I realized it was Red Riding Hood's appearance which fascinated me. She is usually portrayed as a helpless little girl and Deb created a bigger than life version of her. Deb's Red Riding Hood is not scared of the big bad wolf. Much like the Red Riding Hood print, Deb creates a vast array of wonderful and unconventional prints.

Art print by Cumberland Falls Arts

Art runs in her family. Deb's husband Mike also creates artistic masterpieces. She explains that she does not think he has ever created anything Halloween-themed and instead specializes in found driftwood art - ah, well, not everyone's perfect! In all seriousness, the pieces he creates using found driftwood conveys a talent also worth acknowledging. I am certain without a doubt that together as a pair they inspire and motivate each other which only shows in their original and distinctive artwork.

Driftwood Art by Mike Kersey of Cumberland Falls Arts


Cumberland Falls Arts
Photos courtesy of Cumberland Falls Arts