Who is Circus Living?

We are in the middle of a theme overhaul which means in the near future, there will be more posts on where our true passion and interests lay and that is, with monsters, magic, ghosts, fringe science, and the unexplained. Soon, we will be posting our new vision and mission, and where we are ultimately heading with our new site, Circus Living 2.0. To keep updated on our progress, we urge you to
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Here is a list of artists, associations, tourism boards, and brands we have worked with, and their thoughts on working with Circus Living. This is a working list and we will be adding to it regularly. Currently, it does not represent all of the individuals and companies we have already worked with.

If you think you have something we would be interested in covering, we urge you to contact us.

Erika of White Meadows Farms writes,
"Catherine was lovely to work with! Prompt and friendly, she approached White Meadows Farms with great enthusiasm and dedication to thoroughly describing her and her family’s experience here. She is open-minded and a diverse writer; she was generous in her promotion of the farm and she truly made the family-friendly nature of it come alive. Keep on writing!"

Seth Breedlove of Small Town Monsters writes,

"My communications with Catherine Houlahan have been among the easiest and most pleasant I’ve had since starting on the press circuit a few months ago. Professional behavior is hard to find among the blogging elite, and that professionalism, matched with her enthusiasm and down-to-earth attitude, sets Catherine apart from so many others.

Since my interview I’ve become an avid reader of Circus Living and eagerly await every update to the site. I’m excited to see what the future brings for the blog and for Catherine and can’t recommend her wide-eyed musings about life and family (and occasionally monsters) enough.

Kylie Dexter of Dolldrums writes,

"I was thrilled when Catherine contacted me to contribute an interview to her blog Circus living. I had previously read some brilliant interviews with other artists and I found them to be interesting and personal. The questions asked of the artist made for great reading and Catherine's introduction of them showed she had taken time to understand where they were coming from, and reflect that appropriately and honestly in the interview.Catherine also took the time to promote my upcoming interview as she does with all the artists on her social media pages about the upcoming blog. If you get an opportunity to work with Circus living I would encourage you to take it and share your work with her readers.

Michelle Magee of MWM Communications for Santa's Village writes,

"I enjoyed working with Catherine and Circus Living last summer when she and her family came to experience Santa’s Village and stayed at Whispering Pines Campground.   She was very professional and easy to communicate with and she approached her piece with lots of enthusiasm.  Her review was very thorough with lots of wonderful photos and talked about most aspects of Santa’s Village, Sportsland and the Whispering Pines Campground from the perspective of a mom and her family.  I look forward to working with Catherine again and enjoy reading Circus Living."

Klaudia Gaugier of Horka Dolls writes,

"Catherine's blog is awesome! Delightful invitation to tell about one's work.Catherine is full of patience and understanding for the artists immersed in their thoughts and absorbed with their work. At the same time she asks questions that are remarkable and for which they're a pleasure to answer. A blog that is definitely worth to add to one's "Favorites"."